Mind In Tibetan Buddhism 心類學

This course will investigate Tibetan Buddhist philosophy of mind from a number of different perspectives. We will read Napper and Lati Rinpoche's Mind In Tibetan Budhism (recently translated into Chinese by Professor Liao of DDBC) for a Geluk presentation of minds and mental factors. We will also explore Indian Buddhist sources for Tibetan theories, especially in the works of Dharmakirti.
We will then have a multimedia presentation of Mipham's Mind Vajra on theFundamental Mind of Clear Light.
Finally, we will look at Mind as it cycles through Birth, Death, and the Intermediate State (bardo).Tibetan texts will be available for those who wish them.


♣Dr. Magee教師(美籍)簡介:
Tibetan Buddhism; specializing in philosophical systems as described by the Ge-luk sect. Tibetan language instruction: over 15 years experience teaching Tibetan language .
♣開課日期:10/24(每週晚上19:10-21:00) ‧為期12週
♣上課地點:愛群教室 (忠孝東路四段124-6號7F‧B座)